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Gas is too expensive

I want an electric car. This is ridiculous.  The picture below is me after paying.

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  1. Sam Sam

    You think that’s expensive? In Europe we pay about €1.50/liter. That’s €5.67 ($7.57) per gallon…

  2. Electric cars are not more efficient, they simply are less (directly) polluting.

    What you need is a more efficient car. I wished the world would adopt the Swiss system, where you pay taxes on the largest car you operate (you pay by the license plate and can switch that from car to car). That way you can have a large car in the garage for when you need it and a small efficient car for going about the 80% plus of your daily live, when all you need is personal transportation.

    Or consider to own a small efficient car and a membership for ZIP car (or any other similar short term rental program) for the cases where you need more transportation.

  3. An 18+ gallon tank?

    I could be wrong, but anything with a tank that big has got to be an SUV or truck right? Which also probably has horrible gas mileage?

    Honestly, I feel like gas should be taxed even more. We Americans have dirt cheap gas compared to the rest of the world. Not because the gas is cheaper here, it’s just that the US Government doesn’t tax it as much as other countries do.

  4. Dan Dan

    I am at the point where I start thinking, “hmmm my uncle’s birthday is today, but his house is 60 miles away. 3 gallons of gas each way. Almost $30 just in gas. Is 70 really an important birthday anyway.

    Most electric cars are cheaper per mile driven.

    Electric cars are just at the beginning of development. They will become more effecient as will (hopefully) our ability to produce cheap electricity.

  5. Leonardo Herrera Leonardo Herrera

    Well, down here in Chile that same amount of gas would cost 107 US dollars.

    • Yes, it is true that gas is MORE expensive elsewhere in the world. It sucks MORE elsewhere, but that doesn’t make it any better here.

      Regarding the 17 gallons, I don’t have an SUV. It’s an Altima Hybrid. Check it out:

      I wish it got better mileage, but it’s 28 mpg.

  6. In India we pay $1.25-$1.5 per liter – and 35-50% is taxes and will be raised again tomorrow.
    But India imports almost all its petrol. I think the US is today “fracking” cheap shale oil and natural gas and exporting gasoline the world over!

    I suspect there is some election year politics in the price gouging at the pump!

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