Getting something accomplished

I have so many open projects right now.  It makes it impossible to finish anything.  I think it’s important to start a job and finish it, no matter how small the project is, just to keep your head in the game.  I tried that tonight.  I completely overhauled and cleaned up my jQuery cookbook area.  It didn’t take that long, but I feel much better about it now.  All of the pages use Google Analytics to track traffic, and they all use a system to include the JS files so I can add/subtract plugins easier.

I also updated the blog to use gzip on the javascript files.  This saved about 100k in bandwidth for a first-time visitor.  Probably no one will notice, but it was a mini-project that I can now put in the “finished” category.  It feels good.

My next jQuery project is to chip in on the documentation making mini-demos.  I am not sure how much this is needed.  There are so many people working on the jQuery project, in different areas.  A new UI package is coming out; the wiki; plugins.  So much going on.  I really wish I could be using jQuery every day.  Right now, I use PowerPoint everyday.  It’s just not the same.

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