Gingerbread on DroidX

I have to say that I am baffled by the release schedule of Android.  First of all, Gingerbread was first released on a phone in December.  Did it really take them 6 months to test the OS on the DroidX?  Was there really that much different in it?

From a user perspective, I can tell it was updated, but it really isn’t all that impressive.  I have folders now on the “phone-top”.  They don’t work particularly well.  There seems to be 5 different contact managers in the system, each one slightly different than the next.  The graphics got tweaked, but not “better”, just different.  No new live wall papers.  No new apps that I can see.  I can switch the icons at the bottom, but I can’t put my wife’s number down there.

Side track:  I call one person 98% of the time.  Yet, every time I need to call, I have to go through several steps to make it happen.  In my car, I taught it how to “Call Katie Mobile!”.  In fact, I didn’t teach it to call anyone else in the whole world.  I didn’t even teach it another optional phone number.  Yet every time, it asks me to confirm.  I have to answer, “Yes!”  It’s only got ONE NUMBER!  All I ask is for a simple hands-free way to dial the same number I call 98% of the time.  When I say, “Call Katie” it should just start dialing.

Back to Gingerbread.  There just isn’t that much there.  Why did it take so long to deliver?  Why did it take so long to test?  Who is running this goat rodeo?

All in all, I still like the phone, but the upgrade has been anti-climactic.  I was really excited for some fancy phone innovations and all I got was some basic iPhone ripoffs.  Now, all I need to do is wait another year to get Ice Cream Sandwich or whatever desert Google throws at me.

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Hey Glen,

Have you seen the videos of WIndows 8 yet? I was wondering what you thought of it from a UX perspective. Very interesting stuff, as the article below’s either going to save Microsoft or hasten their demise. It’s good to see Microsoft starting to innovate to save itself. From the looks of it, it’s a pretty dramatic shift (ala Windows Phone 7) but not sure it will work in the marketplace either (ala Windows Phone 7).


It doesn’t take 6 months to test a new version of Android on the DroidX, no (maybe a month), but there’s absolutely no incentive for Motorola to update an older phone that they’re no longer making money on.

It’s better to hold it back and only release a new version of Android on newer phones, to cause you to buy those newer phones.

Whatya think?