Gmail Large Attachments

Sometimes I feel like GMail is trying to make a bad experience on purpose.

Google has a counter at the bottom of the screen that tracks how much space you are using.  Since I use Picasa and have thousands of photos, I purchased the annual storage upgrade.  They give me about 7 or gigs of space.  In general, this is a good deal and I am happy with it.

However, looking at that number, I sometimes get a little worried about how much space I am using.  I don’t want to remove any photos, so I look to GMail.  I have LOTS of mails with big attachments.  So I would like to delete the ones that are the largest and free up space.

There is no way to use the generic GMail web interface to search for attachment size.  Yuck!

So I turned on POP and started downloading the mail to Windows Mail.  I suppose I should have done Outlook 2007, so I could save the attachments as a PST file.  In doing this, I have no idea how many posts I have.  It downloads only 1000 posts at a time.  It’s up to 70,000.  How many are there total?  I have no idea.  I can’t figure that out.  Also, I can’t figure out if I can delete it in Windows Mail and have it delete on the server.  It’s baffling.

All this hassle, just to free up space.  Bad User Experience.  I don’t really believe that Google is a Design-Driven company anymore.  Do you?

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