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I was thinking about a book I read 5 years ago called The Goal.  Basically, it states that you should focus on the worst, slowest, most painful part of your process and improve that.  Additionally, it does a good job of explaining that you/your company should have a focused goal.

Yesterday, I said that a VC funded startup’s goal is usually not profitability, but rather hyper-growth.  All money is re-invested into the company in a sort of land grab stratgegy.  Obviously, this is alot easier of you have a great product and vision and dedicate the resources to growing it and developing it properly.

Personally, or even from a family standpoint, you can have goals.  My goal is to be a UX rockstar.  I want to be at the top of the product development visionary list.  Writing a book would really help with this, but that hasn’t been successful for me.  Speaking at conferences works great, but I rarely get invited. (Chicken and Egg issue).

For Marketo, my product design goal is to eliminate all of the busy-work of marketing, so that marketers could focus on strategic thinking.  Additionally, I have a personal-work goal of learning to thrive in a 30-250 person organization.  I have never been in a company that size and it looks like Marketo is not going to stop growing any time soon.  I have no idea if I will be able to thrive and be happy, but I have that goal.

For my kids, I have a goal that they are well-adjusted.  I want them to be happy people.  Rich is nice, smart is nice, athletic is nice, but HAPPY and well adjusted…those are my goals for the kids.

Thinking about your family goals, your work goals, your product goals, your company goals.  Do they contradict?  Have you ever written them down?  I bet that if you wrote them down, it would make you feel happy.


Whatya think?