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Google does not have a great business plan. Just because they are popular doesn’t make them a 30 Billion dollar company. I’m not buying. This doesn’t mean that their stock price will go up. It just means, I don’t believe in their business. But then again, I have no experience in financial matters, so what the hell do I know.

In the post-modern world, perception is reality.

Speaking of which…
“I think, therefore, I think I am.”

“Nothing can be proven. Anything can be disproved. Anything “true” can be packaged and sold as false and vice-versa.”

“The purpose of Wisdom is to dispel fear.”

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  1. I to wonder about google. I know it sounds odd, but I think that people make an association between google and ebay because they use the same colors (and ebay is doing very well). Here is the thing about both google and yahoo; they don’t have any products that someone who is very smart can’t improve on (they have to tangible patents, just patents on concepts). An 18-year old can come up with a new search technology and invade the marketplace (just as google did). Furthermore, Microsoft wants to crush them both. Gmail might help google, but that is only if Microsoft doesn’t give hotmail uses 2gigs beforehand. Google’s brand image is good, but not worth 30 billion.

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