Gore for Nobel President

If Al Gore wins the Nobel prize, he should run for president.  I am convinced that he would win.  The country feels guilty about the 2000 election.  We know Gore won, but we let it slide and let Bush take the prize.  In hindsight, that was a really shitty decision.  The Supreme Court is now packed with right-wing nutjobs.  The country is spewing CO2 like crazy.  The disparity between rich and poor is greater than ever.  We are mired in an unwinable war and are rolling back social programs and civil rights.  I think the country feels guilty and would want to try again with a different decision.  An A/B test of sorts.

The only thing stopping Gore is Gore.  He might not want to try.  People are trying to draft him though like

Al’s official site is http://www.algore.com/ and has no mention of running.  I am reminded of when Al D’Amato refused the Supreme Court appointment.  It ended his career.  Sometimes, the timing is right and you have to go for the gold.

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