Both Katie and I are not jazzed up for the holidays this year. There are many factors as to why, but none seem to make perfect sense.

  1. New House, new neighborhood.
  2. Renting, not owning.
  3. New School for Ethan, no school yet for Jared or Matt.
  4. House is smaller than previous homes.
  5. General family life is in uncommon flux.

We were more into the season in Berkeley and we were renting. I almost do not want to put up holiday lights this year. What is going on? And Katie feels it to. We both like San Mateo. Ethan is making friends. Katie is meeting people. Maybe it is the Jets? They are enough to suck the life out of anyone. Maybe it is that the house has so many minor issues, like the heating is terrible. The fish are finally stable. We have 4 tetra congo fish.

I will continue to introspect on the issue. I hope we get out of this funk before it’s time for presents.

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