Hybrid Cars

Articles like this make me sick. It’s saying, the only reason people by hybrids is to say to their neighbor, “See, I am saving the world!”. While this may be true, it still is ugly and it shows the worst in us. And worse still, it shows how corporate America thinks of us. We are selfish, shallow jackasses who only care about how we look. We don’t really care about the environment, we just want to be perceived as progressive.

Now, while this may be the case with some, it’s not the case with everyone. Some people want to stop sucking the world dry of its natural resources. Some people want to stop contributing to global warming. I don’t need to be PERCEIVED as saving the world. I want to be a good citizen of the world. I actually want to reduce my carbon footprint.

My biggest problem with hybrid cars is, “Where are the hybrid Minivans?” I would think this is the FIRST market to tackle. No one buys a minivan because it’s sexy. We buy them because they fit our gaggle of kids. We are parents and we have tuitions to think about. We want to save gas and do out part for the planet so our kids have sunshine and rivers and clouds in the future. Because the minivan is big, it can store LOTS of batteries! Specifically, I want a Minivan Plugin that gets over 100 miles to the gallon. And I really don’t care if it looks funky, like a tree-hugger car. It can look my Sienna for all I care.

If you know someone who makes cars, please pass along the request.

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