IE7 PNG Problem

I just ran into a problem that is a real pain in the ass with Internet Explorer 7.

Start with a blank page with a patterned background.  Put an absolutely positioned 24-bit transparent PNG file (like a fade) on the page and make the width=100%.

You can see an example of this on at the top.  In IE7, SOMETIMES it will add a strange reverse fade on the image all the way on the right.  SOMETIMES it will just stretch all the way to the right.  I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time and have never seen it happen.  The versions of the browser are identical.  Both running on Vista.  I can’t for the life of me figure out any significant difference in the systems.

Internet Explorer 6 renders this just fine.  It is only in IE7.

Load the page and look to the right.  Does the fade go all the way to the right or trail off about a centimeter from the end?  Bizarre.  Microsoft is killing me.  They should give up on the browser and just tell people to use Firefox.  Why bother?  Why make a browser?  Do they really have anything to gain there?

And while I am railing on microsoft…why the hell don’t they make a Firebug clone for IE?  Some of us have to live in the mess Microsoft made and I hate it.

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