In the News today

Two things on the news today. First, this is the 100 anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. They keep saying we are going to get another one in our lifetimes. I am hoping for an earthquake to help drive down the price of housing. I don’t want anyone hurt, but the bottom line is that houses are too expensive here. How are we going to find a house to live in for 10-20 years? The boys are going to grow and make a small house unbearable.

Second is the words of President Bush regarding calls of the military generals for Rumsfeld to step down.
Bush says, “I’m the decider and I decide what is best and I decide that Don Rumsfeld stays as secretary of defense.” This is the height of arrogance and the hallmark of this President. He is incapable of learning. He is incapable of collaborating. Thinking through a problem is the last thing he does. He goes with his gut and that’s that.

I REALLY hope there is a backlash in November, but I don’t count on it.

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