Infographics: Baseball is Lame

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Baseball is the only sport where one team can win 25% of the time.  How do baseball fans do it?  Why do they care to see the Yankees in the World Series?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to see a local team in the big show?  Inographics are a great way to see the difference.  Let’s compare football and baseball.  Statistics courtesy of Wikipedia.

Baseball – World Series


Football – SuperBowl


It’s clear to see that the chances of your local team being in the SuperBowl is alot better than your team being in the World Series (Unless you live in NYC).  Fundamentally, this has to do with Salary Caps and making sure that a single team (Yankees) can’t buy all the best players while a middle America team can’t afford to compete.  Competition is good in sports.  Parity creates the feeling that your team could make some smart moves and get into the championship.

Now if only the Jets would heed my advice.  Well, at least there are 13 teams who are worse off than the Jets.


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  1. you should run the same stats on European Club Soccer. I would think the demographics would skew MUCH worse. American Football is definitely the most volatile in terms of team that can rise and fall.

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