Jared’s new name should be Echo.

Sample conversation:

  • Daddy: Jared, It’s time to get dressed.
  • Jared: It’s time to get dressed?
  • Daddy: Yes. Come on, get your clothes on.
  • Jared: Get my clothes on?
  • Daddy: Yes. Let’s go downstairs now.
  • Jared: We go downstairs now?
  • Daddy: Yes, come on let’s go. We are running late.
  • Jared: We are running late?
  • Daddy: Yes, be a good boy, let’s go.
  • Jared: I am a good boy?
  • Daddy: Yes, let’s GO!
  • Jared: (starting to look upset) Let’s go?
  • Daddy: Yes. Don’t be a bad boy, come on.
  • Jared: I am a bad boy?! (now he is crying)
  • Daddy: No, if you come downstairs, you are a good boy.
  • Jared: (crying) I am a good boy?!?
  • Daddy: Ugh. (I walk over and pick him up and bring him downstairs) Where is your jacket?
  • Jared: You are looking for my jacket?
  • Daddy: Yes. Where is it?
  • Jared: Where is it?
  • Daddy: (long sigh)

This goes on all day long.

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