jQuery 1.1.3 and beyond

jQuery 1.1.3 just got released. It’s 800% faster on average than 1.1.2 and still 20k. It also hase a few bells and whistles which will make my life easier. One thing I wish I had last month is a negative selector like $(“div[@id!=test]”). The exclamation point helps because I can say do something to anything WITHOUT this attribute. This is very useful. There is so much more, I would suggest looking at the main jQuery blog to check it out.

jQuery 1.2 is also in the works. This has so many cool things about it too. I am really excited. However, at the moment, I feel just so overwhelmed with stuff on my plate. All of the stuff is starting to strain. The next couple of months are going to be rough. I need to work on so much stuff. I don’t even feel the energy to list it all out.

I will start using 1.1.3 in all my examples and code. I think I will try to use 1.2 for the book. Head spinning.

Whatya think?