Late goals for the weekend

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  • Do some shopping (already did some, need to do more)
    One item I got Jared was a guitar for 3 year olds. I hope he can learn how to use it. I always wanted to know how to play an instrument, but alas, I had no patience and no musical talent. Which is why I married Katie. She has BOTH!
  • Clean up and organize office (getting some progress here)
  • Throw away bench. Must get rid of it!
  • Decorate our Solstice Tree. Yes, its a Solstice Tree. Not a Christmas tree. Please let us have our solstice tree in peace.
  • Help penny with her computer (will do tonight)
  • Watch the Jets pummel the Seahawks.
  • Clean up garage/house. Get ready for the holidays.
  • Find inner peace and solve the world hunger problem

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