Lipka Potential

Ethan got his report card.  Even though he is reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level he only got the equivalent of a B in reading.  He wants to get better at Math.  I have been working with him on multiplication using pen and paper.  He seems to get the gist of it, but we shall see.  I really want him to get into Harvard or Stanford or Yale.

I had this conversation with Bill Mirbach about when he met Intuit founder Scott Cook.  He said, "Oh, I met him at Yale."  Another time, he also related how he was invited to a party to meet this guy who was a real party animal.  Son of a senator or something they said.  Turned out to be George W.  At the new gig I am starting next week, all three founders went to Stanford.  Bill really believes in me and I think he is someone who "knows" when they see it.  I want to realize that potential for myself.

You meet really interesting and powerful people at top notch schools and you meet no one at University at Buffalo.  I desperately want the boys to achieve in school and apply that famous Lipka potential.  I think about what I could have possibly achieved if I had focused on school rather than sleep and avoid work.  I want the world for my boys.

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