Look who’s Talkin?

Matthew, last night, started saying Baaa, Baaa. It was a high pitched sound, and he said it quietly. I haven’t heard him make this sound. Katie came over and thought it was funny too. I said, “Maybe he is saying Bath.” Katie said to Matt, “Do you want a Bath?” He immediately squealed his delight and started stomping his feet in a happy dance. He wanted a Bath. Good Boy!.

Regularly, when I change him, he says, “Diaper”.

This morning, we were playing tennis and a woman with a dog came by. He ran over and started petting the dog. He said, “Dahh”.

I love when they start talking. It’s so much fun, even after two other boys.

Other news: The Jets TRIED to lose yesterday. Bollinger wasn’t “good” but I have seen worse. Is Vinny going to QB next week or what? I am so demoralized. The Jets are over the salary cap, our QB situation stinks. We need a miracle.

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