Looking for a UX Designer, 2011 Edition

I think there is an art to job postings.  Many of them don’t get read and the candidate only reads the title.  I know I have been guilty of not reading the text.  Mainly, I think it’s because most of the text is completely inane.  Must have 5+ years of experience in a 3 year old technology.  Must be the best candidate in the world and get paid a pittance.  I hate them.

I think good job descriptions should have a sense of humor.  Give somebody a reason to read.  I hope you like it.  I hope I find good candidates.

 Designer Characteristics:

  1. Creative.  Can come up with new solutions to problems.
  2. OCD.  Does it bother you that their is a misspelling in this question?
  3. Productive.  We have a lot to do.  Lots of context switching and multi-tasking.
  4. Concise.
  5. Confident. This position will have interactions with lots of people, including executives.
  6. Flexible. It’s not personal; it’s always about the work.
  7. Experience. Knows who Norman and Nielsen are.
  8. Smart. Knows why Norman is better than Nielsen.
  9. Eloquent. Can explain why Norman is better than Nielsen.
  10. Clever.  Can come up with a witty retort to this list.

Job Characteristics:

  1. Visual PRDs.  These are storyboards in PowerPoint.  We use them to define a project in minute detail.  This effort is part design and part inbound product management.  They are delivered to Engineering, so they want them to be as detailed as possible, while also being created as quickly as possible.
  2. Assimilation and Synthesizing of input. The UX team talks with everyone in the company.  We have to understand and take into account all of the various input and transform it into a plan of action.  Skill in picking up subtle clues is a must.
  3. Various UX Jobs. User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and even Curriculum Design are all part of user experience and this job entails all of them at some points.
  4. Product/Project Management.  The UX team is right in the middle of most projects.  This means we are helping prioritization, detailed requirements and overall project management.
  5. Iterating with Engineers.  This isn’t an Ivory Tower department.  We sit right in the middle of engineers and help drive a project to the highest possible quality in collaboration with engineers and other various groups.


Feel free to contact me (use the “Contact Glen Now” link on the right) and apply.  Must have 5+ years experience in a 3 year old technology.

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