The Jets game just ended a short while ago. Ugliest game I have ever seen. Seriously, it looked like a high school game. Atlanta was terrible, the Jets were worse. It was as if both teams were TRYING to lose. 7 turnovers. Blech. Vinny got hurt. Vinny is old (41) and has played poorly since before Van Halen broke up. Jets are losers. I am a loser for being a fan.

Also, I had to install WinXP 64-bit. Longhorn/Vista just couldn’t stop crashing. I will wait until Beta 2 in December I guess. Maybe I will try upgrading straight to the 64-bit version of Vista then. Stay tuned. Vista build 5231 is a loser.

Tonight, I hate Mountain Mike’s pizza. Katie, if you can hear me, I promise never to poison your coffee, if you promise never to suggest Mountain Mike’s Pizza ever again. It is terrible. I’d rather eat the Jets. Mountain Mike is a loser.

Good night.

One reply on “Losers”

You are not a loser for being a fan of the Jets, you are a soldier fighting on, you are committed to your believes, you are proud of the Jets history and future. Sure, they were bad yesterday, but that was only one days. They didn’t lose any games today, and that is something to be proud of. And all of this will just make for the Jets comeback this year all the more amazing (so there’s your damn positive attitude). Go Jets.

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