The Jets game just ended a short while ago. Ugliest game I have ever seen. Seriously, it looked like a high school game. Atlanta was terrible, the Jets were worse. It was as if both teams were TRYING to lose. 7 turnovers. Blech. Vinny got hurt. Vinny is old (41) and has played poorly since before Van Halen broke up. Jets are losers. I am a loser for being a fan.

Also, I had to install WinXP 64-bit. Longhorn/Vista just couldn’t stop crashing. I will wait until Beta 2 in December I guess. Maybe I will try upgrading straight to the 64-bit version of Vista then. Stay tuned. Vista build 5231 is a loser.

Tonight, I hate Mountain Mike’s pizza. Katie, if you can hear me, I promise never to poison your coffee, if you promise never to suggest Mountain Mike’s Pizza ever again. It is terrible. I’d rather eat the Jets. Mountain Mike is a loser.

Good night.

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