Management sins

What are the worst management sins?  Here is my short list.

  1. Micromanagment. I really hate it when a boss says, “I want you to be responsible for this, but I am going to dictate how you do it.”  This is the thing that made me want to leave Intuit.  If you delegate then, let the person do their job.  You can give them feedback and guidance, but don’t dictate.  I know this sin happens when the shit hits the fan.  People think that they need to clamp down and have more process, but it never works.  See chart.  This is also related to Avinash’s HiPPO.
  2. Lying, concealing, misleading, omitting.  How often have you been in a meeting where someone says, “Don’t tell them, we don’t want to start a panic!”  Grown people treated like children.  My number one “good thing” in business is integrity.  This is specifically, the lacktherof.  Transparency is the only way to a healthy work environment.  Concealing information is the road to failure.
  3. Absence of Mentoring.  I think every boss should actively mentor their subordinates.  The lack of this is surely a sin. We spend most of our lives at work.  Everyone deserves to grow emotionally, professionally and spiritually.  Being a boss isn’t about power.  It is about growth and responsibility.  Help people beneath you and you will help yourself.

What are your worst management sins?

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