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Marketo – The Sequel

After an 8 month hiatus, I have rejoined Marketo.  Truthfully, I found myself using the sentence “At Marketo we _________ and it worked great!” way too many times.  I know I missed alot of things about Marketo and am really surprised 2010 worked out this way.  It feels weird, like a High School reunion with people you recognize but you are both older.  My time at Adchemy was extremely fruitful and I gave them great stuff, but the fit was never quite right.

I rejoined Marketo last week and was greeted so warmly it made me blush.  There are alot of faces I don’t recognize, but they knew about me.  I felt very proud and vulnerable at the same time.  It’s very exciting and new, yet with that familiarity and nostalgia there as well.  I don’t think I have experienced something like this before.

The challenges are new too.  Of course the product I originally designed (Lead Management) has alot of improvements in the backlog, but additionally, there are new hills to climb like Revenue Cycle Analytics and [Project: Awesome!].  Sorry, secret code name for super secret awesomeness.

That’s the thing about Marketo and its CEO Phil; the ideas are really, really good.  Phil has a great vision of the future where Marketing is fundamentally different and better than it is today.  He has a way of pushing my brain to think about really interesting problems.  More than anything else, this is what drew me back.  I feel inspired when I am here.

I don’t know what the future holds, but all I can ask is that my sequel with Marketo is as good as the original.  I am aiming for Godfather II rather than Grease 2.  But not Godfather III, that was a disaster.  Rocky II wasn’t that good, but Rocky III was awesome!  Anyway, I am off track.  I am back at Marketo and so far, it feels really good.

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  1. That’s awesome man. I’m very happy for ya.

  2. Tom Quaile Tom Quaile

    Good luck on your “new” job.

  3. Glad to have you back at the office. Slightly confused because I thought I was project awesome.

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