Matthew: Mine!

By | May 30, 2006

Matthew was carrying something he shouldn’t have. Can’t remember what.

I said, "Matthew, put that down".
Matthew: "Mine" (Matter of fact)

Daddy: "No."
Matthew: "Mine?" (Are you sure?)

Daddy: "No."
Matthew: "MINE!!!" (Screaming like a teradactyl)

Daddy: "No."
Matthew: "Miiiine" (Whining)

Daddy: "No." Matthew: "mmmmmmmiiiiinnnneee" (Like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings…’precioussss’)
Daddy: "No." Then he just let’s it drop in slow motion. He had a very sad look on his face.

2 thoughts on “Matthew: Mine!

  1. Kara R.

    Very cute. Looking forward to seeing Matthew very soon. Let’s hope he doesn’t teach her that terrible M. word.



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