Over the past year, Penny and Jim have taken Ethan and Jared on one fantastic adventure after another. The zoo, the Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, and more. But where are the pictures of this fantastic voyage? Where are the blogs to read years from now that tell Ethan and Jared about the wonderful places they visited?

I’m not one to butt in, but I think it might be a good idea to document some of these trips. And since Ethan and Jared don’t know how to read or write, maybe someone else could do it? But who? Hmmm.

The funny thing is that I feel that Penny and Jim will appreciate the pictures and the written record MORE than Ethan and Jared 15 years from now. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Tonight we had a bar-b-que at Penny/Jim’s house. We roasted marshmallows (Jared calls them Schmellos) and chocolate/graham cracker to make S’mores. It was a nice time. 🙂

Whatya think?