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I upgraded Penny’s computer to Vista yesterday.  I had my eye open for UX issues, just for professional curiosity.  There were so many screw ups, that I got a little depressed.  In the install, Microsoft has moved to a system that says virtually nothing about what is going on.  I think they mistook the user’s desire to be asked “zero questions” with their desire to see under the covers and monitor what is going on.  Several times the install seemed to freeze.  Nothing was happening.  If there was a button called, “See the details of what is happening”, I would have clicked it and saw that something indeed was happening.

Additionally, the Home Premium edition would not upgrade XP Pro.  This is stupid.  Why not??  XP Home was useless, whereas Home Premium is fine.  Not having an upgrade makes it a total pain in the ass to reinstall every single program.

Finally, there is UAC.  User Access Control.  This is the worst mistake Microsoft has made since Microsoft Bob.  It can be turned off, but you really have to dig to find it.  It sucks.  It is the worst UI ever.  It basically trains the user to ignore ALL alerts.  Alerts never get read.  So why are they relying on alerts to stop bad code??

Microsoft should work ona version that has ZERO new features, but rather ONLY a refactor of code to eliminate holes.  Every piece of software gets crusty and needs refactoring.  Windows has millions of lines.  Stop adding new features, and just work on stability, drivers, and security.

Ok, I’m ranting.  But I am really disappointed in Vista as of now.

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  1. Scott’s pretty happy with Vista, but odds are very good that I will be switching to a Mac when my current home PC starts getting too old. After 15+ months of using a Mac at work, I’m pretty comfortable in the environment, and there’s always Boot Camp for the few things that won’t run on OSX.

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