Midi Discovery (1996)

Kokopelli has recently developed new techniques in web page design. Background music in the form of .midi files have been a source of frustration for web designers because of varying HTML tags and cross-platform configuration, not to mention the near impossibility of embedding music on a page without having the music stop when a user leaves the site.

Kokopelli has found loopholes around many of these problems. It still remains a rough task but the results are very nice. Here is what you need to know. First get a sound card and speakers (make sure they work).

For Internet Explorer 2.0 users: You should already be hearing music.
For Netscape 3.0 users: Press the Play button above.
For Netscape 2.0 users: Get the crescendo plugin here. (MAC, Win95, Win3.1)
Press the Play button above.

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