Mind Overflowing

My mind is overflowing.  Work has been hectic, so I haven’t been able to finish a coherent thought/blog.  These are some short bits, that could have been blog entries, but didn’t quite make it.  Try and imagine them fleshed out.

  1. Programmers are modern magicians making things appear as if by magic.
  2. People love software that treats them the way a friend would.
  3. The database is the most important invention in human history.
  4. I am addicted to beta software.  I literally can not stop myself from upgrading.
  5. I assume (wrongly) that NEW is BETTER.  Cars, Politicians, Jets coaches, anything.
  6. The VirtuMonde Trojan virus is nasty and I spent several hours fixing it.  Nasty little bugger.
  7. Coming up with just the right metaphor is my best skill.
  8. I have way too many ideas and I don’t know how to program and have no time anyway.
  9. I can see when someone “gets it” for the first time.  It’s awesome.
  10. Besides Intuit (7000) and WagerWorks (70), I have never worked in a company larger than 35 people.

Well, I suppose blogs could go in biorhythms.  Peaks and valleys of creativity.

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