Mo Upgrades

FINALLY I fixed the comments. Ugh that was hard. I have no idea how I fixed it. I installed some new plugins. Then removed one and it started working.
The one I added and then removed was | Swift SMTP. It didn’t work at all. I gave it my smtp information and it just choked. Then I removed it and it’s happy now. I received a comment notification. While playing around in there, I also added a few plugins, some of which are pretty nice.

Here is my current set of WordPress plugins.

  1. Akismet – Pretty good at getting rid of spam from comments, but the problem with it is that it has a few false positives and they are buried in a sea of pharaceutical and sex spam comments.  I am not sure if I need this on at all at this point with HashCash (See below)
  2. All in One SEO Pack – This adds meta tags to my pages.  Is this a god thing?  I don’t know.  Does it matter?  Still dunno.  It’s best practice.  I don’t think it hurts, but I don’t think it matters much either.  I feel more happy when my Google PageRank is high, so I guess I should do it.
  3. Dean’s Code Highlighter – When I want to write jQuery code, this is a super easy way to show it.
  4. FeedBurner FeedSmith -This one is like the SEO pack.  I have no idea if this is good or what.  I dont even know exactly what I am trying to do.  I guess I want to know who is subscribing to my blog.
  5. Google XML Sitemaps – Like the SEO thing, I am only doing this for the vague hope that my pageRank would increase one.
  6. One Click Plugin Updater  – This is supposed to update my plugins with one click.  It notifies me when one of the plugins has a new version, but throws an error when I try to upgrade something.
  7. Script Enabler – Allows me to put inline jQuery script in the blog post.  This is nice, but I don’t do it very much.  I usually use my sandbox.
  8. Simple Trackback Validation – Avoids certain kinds of spam links. Works very well.  Great plugin.
  9. Subscribe To Comments – Do I need this?  If you previously posted a comment, would you get an email on the follow-up.  They don’t have this on Ajaxian, but they should.  Anyway, it’s there now.  It’s styling is really ugly, but it is there.
  10. Stats – This is new from WordPress.  It’s very interesting.  I highly suggest taking a peek.  I need to compare it to Google Analytics.
  11. WordPress Hashcash – Greta plugin.  Has reduced my spam to nearly zero.  No false positives possible.  LOVE IT.
  12. wp-cache – Supposedly makes the pages load faster.  I cant tell the difference.  Anyone?
  13. WP-Cats -A VERY nice plugin to help me manage the old uncategorized.  I need to do some of that soon.

Anyway, that’s my list.  Anyone got more that they love?

6 replies on “Mo Upgrades”

Glad to see you are making some progress with WP. It takes some trial and error, been there-done that, but you will find a good balance in the end. A couple of comments on your plugin choices.

#2: Very helpful, one of my top choices.

#4: The reason I turned you on to this plugin is that WP by default can syndicate in ~4 different types of feeds. If you were wanting to keep track of who was subscribing, you’d have to count unique hits daily to each of the feed types. This plugin redirects all of those feeds to one feed for a single subcriber count. You should also check into RSS by email subscriptions, it is another free option with feedburner.

#5: Wonderful tool. Will keep the big search engines up to date on what you are doing. Google and MSN used to crawl once every few months. They now crawl every few days. really helped my SEO.

#6: Never could get that one to work. I use instead.

#9: Users will love it. OK, that was a broad statement. I’m just saying.

#12: Basically creates a static version of your page that will stay static for 3600 seconds then a new version will be created. It reduces CPU and mySQL load significantly in high traffic situations.

Your pagerank is a 5, I wouldn’t say you are doing to bad. I’m only a 4.

Anywhoo, I’ll stop spamming your site with comments. I became familiar with your work on jQuery and subscribed to your RSS awhile ago. I enjoy your insight into UX. It is probably my biggest weakness as a developer.

@Shaun. Thanks for all your insight. I will try out that other click-to-upgrade. Your comments aren’t spam…this other one is.

Wow, I got a spam comment. What happened? Editing out the links.

Whatya think?