Mojo Moderation

My mojo is off today. My mind is got a few too many things in it, stuff keeps slipping. I guess it’s the prospect of the move. The birthing and moving that Katie has managed has been staggering. She is a trooper. But I think she has too much going on too.

We need a balance. Too little going on and you are frustrated and bored. Too much and you are overwhelmed and frustrated. The right balance. Hmm. Moderation. Fascinating concept if you think about it. Read these quotes. Is moderation a good thing or not? Where is the wisdom?

One reply on “Mojo Moderation”

well at least your not having another baby right now. You can do it! Go Fight Win! Flash Gordon only had 14 hours to [bring down an evil galactic empire and] save the earth and he did it. Zoolander saved the prime minister of Micronesia by using a simple yet magnificent “look” to gain control of the forces of universe. Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik Buttercup had a little less than half an hour to get in a castle (guarded by 60 men), break up the wedding, steal the Princess, and make their escape (after Inigo kills Count Rugen). And did they do it? Damn right! You can do it, I can do it! There is no stopping us. Not moving or babies, or school, or new jobs, not even a bolt if a bolt of lighting should strike us will be stopped. Freeeedom!

Whatya think?