Monsters Vs. Aliens Imax 3D

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This weekend I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in IMAX 3D in Mountain View.  I figured that if I was going to see a movie and pay $40 for popcorn, it might as well be a fantastic experience.  I went with my 3 kids and a friend with his 2 kids.  Two of the children were 4-5 years old.

They handed out these oversized glasses with the two tone lens.  Although a little uncomfortable, all of the kids were able to put the glasses on.  The first 20 minutes of the movie were cool watching in 3D.  It wasn’t popping out in my face, but everything sort of looked a little better, rounded, more realistic.  However, this is when things got “interesting”.

One of the kids (the 4 year old) was eating popcorn.  He touched the glasses to adjust them on his face.  Guess what happened?  Note:  I didn’t ask for butter on the popcorn, but it comes with a tiny bit automatically.  Well, the little bit of grease got on the glasses and made everything blurry.  So he took off the glasses.

Have you ever watched a 3D movie WITHOUT the glasses?  So guess what…he hated the movie.  He kept yelling, it’s all messed up!  Duh, of course it was!  So his father gave him new glasses and immediately, he reached up and touched THOSE lenses.  I kept wiping my glasses to make sure they were clean, because a tiny bit of sweat or grease ruined the 3D.

In fact, if you tilted your head slighly to the side, all of the 3D disappeared and the screen became blurry again.

Overall, the movie was short and not terrible.  The 3D was cool if you can keep the lenses clean, but realistically, it was a nightmare.  I hated wearing the glasses.  I don’t think I will see a 3D movie ever again.

By the way, I am not sure they were doing this on purpose, but Susan (Ginormica) pictured below, was always animated in a way that was … well, let’s just say it was “sexy”.  Am I sick for getting excited about a digital image of a 50 foot woman?



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  1. That’s unfortunate that such a small blemish can so ruin the movie. Also, no, your not sick for getting excited about a 50 foot digital woman 🙂

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