Moving Part I

Moving has been pretty stressful. We are still half in boxes and we can’t find a bunch of our stuff. The DSL (as of this writing) is not working yet. If the house was a software product we would say it has many bugs. Bath doesn’t drain properly. Kids tub doesn’t get hot water. Water pressure is worse than at Jim and Pennys. (Ok not quite that bad). Shelvs are missing. Broken glass in a few spots. Overall, buggy software.

HOWEVER! It is really a nice house. Lots of sunshine and yet also lots of shade. The grass will be fun to play on. The playroom is darling. All kinds of lovely details. The park nearby is good. We have already played tennis once. The mall is pretty convenient. We are walking much more because of the layout. The drive to work took about 5 minutes. (I will start biking soon)

Katie is a trooper. She has packed or unpacked our belongings 12 times in 10 years and each time we have more and more stuff. She likes to hit me in the head with her shoe sometimes, but that is just foreplay. Wink wink, right katie? No? Oh well.

Check out Teraserver. Microsoft has had this for a while. Incredible Detail. I love this technology. Could you image the resolution that the government has access to? Probably can read the newspaper over some terrorists shoulder. I wonder how much storage the government needs to store that volume and detail of imagery. Staggering really.

Whatya think?