Moving to MediaTemple (2013)

I’ve had it with slow performance.  I moved to MediaTemple Grid Service yesterday.  Most of the move went smoothly, but I screwed up a little.  Something went wrong with the MX Records and my mail wasn’t turned on for most of the day.  Whoopsie!  All fixed now.

I took the opportunity to change some things about the site.  I think I will delete some old jQuery stuff and whatnot.  However, the most important thing is that the site is faster now, which makes me happy.

MediaTemple doesn’t have cPanel, it has its own control system.  I am not sure which is better yet.  The MediaTemple one is more consistent from a UX standpoint, but cPanel seemed to have some additional functionality.  Time will tell on this one.

Hopefully, I won’t regret this decision.  Hosts are a pain in the ass.

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