MS Vista Build 5284

Also Known as Vista Beta 2, I have sucessfully installed the operating system. I also have installed the beta of Office 2007. So far, I am pretty excited. The glass interface is very cool. The performance is pretty good. Alot of the new features are nice. On the down side, UAC (User Access Control) SUCKS. I had to disable it. It literally asked me four times for every tiny decision I made.

I am still trying it out. I want to explore alot of the hidden features and upgrades. I want to make a DVD slideshow of our pictures.

Office 2007 has a new interface. This is the first wholesale interface change since the DOS to Windows change. It’s pretty different. I need to play with it more to get the hang of it.

WIll update more as I learn. No errors yet, thank god!

Whatya think?