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I just finished moving my host from Powweb.  It went pretty smoothly, well, for the part that I did.  I still need to move all my other stuff.

I chose  Speed, my number 1 concern looks solid.  FTP is very fast.  Much faster than Powweb.  Support took a while to pick up the phone and their hours are limited, but they eventually got there.  It’s a big company, like 100 people or so.  West Coast based in Vegas and Los Angeles.

They have an affiliate program, so I will be posting a coupon here eventually to save others money and maybe make me money.  Man, I am so tired, I could fall asleep right now.  So much has happened this week.  I will have to post that separately.

For the move, I also upgraded to WordPress 2.2.  They are moving towards using jQuery for their internal stuff.  Great news.

There are still alot of details here.  I need to check everything.  Can’t sleep quite yet.  I will post the good news tomorrow.

Whatya think?