New Tech Review

Grouper 2.0 beta was just released. I actually interviewed there over a year ago. They seem to be developing well. The newest version emphasizes personal video sharing. Video is an interesting area in that despite being pretty cool, it hasn’t caught on the way I thought it would. Just look at video telephony. Despite the capability being fairly prime-time, people just aren’t as interested in seeing the person on the other side of the phone. I wonder how Grouper will do.

My friend Susanne was asking about Tellx. I wish I could say this technology was exciting, but it seems like all it does is allow for more interactive DVDs. My own experience with DVDs are that I rarely watch the special bonus features. I certainly have never stopped a movie to look up some bonus feature or detail about an actor or something. This seems like it could be used and even popular with DVD producers, but as a user, I am uninterested. Sorry Susanne. 🙁

Gmail Drive is an interesting move for Google. Spencer and I have had discussions about this and how Google would do well to offer a Hotkoko-Like ASP. It would combine Gmail Drive with some features currently available in I think this move might be very significant. The biggest complaints will be that it is slow. Local file storage is always faster than network. Reviews so far say that it is unstable. This is to be expected.

Howard Stern is leaving Broadcast “Free” Radio and moving to Sirrius Satellite radio. I find this incredibly significant. I am betting that Free Radio will go the way of free television. Who uses the antenna on top of the roof anymore? These days everything is cable or satellite for TV. I actually and totally surprised that DirecTV or DIsh do not purchase XM or Sirrius. It seems like a natural fit. I would love to turn on my TV and get NPR on audio and maybe even video. Radio is changing, but I still give it 10+ years to penetrate the market. Less if DirecTV merges with one of these players.

Still waiting for the next build of Vista and the next nVidia LDDM driver set. Let’s go nVidia, we are waiting! Chop Chop!

Whatya think?