NFL Draft part Duex

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When the draft was over, I was thinking about the hundreds of guys who didn’t get picked. On this one single day, they go from their old lives as collegiate superstars to the potential of being picked for the NFL (which carries with it a hefty salary check) to being left out in the cold. Of course many of these players will go on to the Canadian football league, arena football, European football or maybe professional wrestling. But for many players, the golden days are over. They will need to get a job just like everyone else.

I wonder about those guys. How do they adjust? Where do they end up. I wish there was a website where you could look up anyone and find out what happened to them. Not just celebrities. I want to know what happened to Dr. Beisel, the best teacher I ever had. Or what happened to Bo Peabody from the dot-com days who sold for a boatload of money. Or what happened to that girl I obsessed about in high school.

What happens to people? If only everyone had a blog.

Whatya think?