Nothing Lasts

Possibly the defining characteristic of life as we know it.  Change is the only constant.

Whether it is pain or joy, it won’t last forever.  I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight.  Medium movie, I liked it.  However, the line, “Nothing Lasts” really stuck with me.  My kids are growing older so quickly I can hardly stand it.  Today, they will hold my hand and hug me.  I know that will end in just a few years.  I remember events of my life, seemingly a moment ago, now long past, almost forgotten.  I love my Picasa screen saver, randomly showing me images from the past.

OK, to lighten up a bit…products, trends, fads, they don’t last either.  What is new and shiny today is old news tomorrow.  Office 2010 will be absolutely ancient in just a few years.  Windows 7 will be awful.  I will be begging people to upgrade to the latest greatest.  Nothing lasts.

The only thing to do is embrace change.  Embrace the flow of the river.  Embrace new ideas.  Embrace the new.  Because the more you love change, the more things will stay the same.

Am I allowed to be this sentimental in a blog?  Blog police. Arrest this man.

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