Office 2010 Activation

Hi, My name is Glen and I am addicted to beta software.

My latest fix comes from Office 2010.  Even before the official beta program, a version of it was leaked to the web.  Waht does Microsoft expect me to do?  Ignore the leaked version!?  Are they insane.  Of course, I found it and installed it.  I was COMPELLED to install it.

So far, it has been pretty good.  I am impressed.  Then the other day, I got a warning.  Here is what it looks like today:


Ok, several problems.  First the obvious.  Are you serious??  You are going to make me uninstall Office 2010 and revert back to *shudder* released software Office 2007?  Man, I would rather find some ridiculously bad beta of open source office or something.  How am I going to get my fix?  Please Microsoft, stop being babies and just let us use whatever beta crap you have.  I am going to buy 6 licenses of Windows 7 and at least 2 licenses of Office 2010 when it comes out.  What the hell do you want from me?  All I ask is that you let me use the betas for as much as I want.

Second problem.  There is actually no way to activate this software, even if I wanted to.  I searched.  There is no “Activate Now” button.

Third problem.  The link “Learn More about Activation” is broken.  It doesn’t even go anywhere.

Come on Microsoft.  Give a poor addict a little love.

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