I’m watching the Olympics. Two quick thoughts:
1) What’s up with Gayle Devers nails? They are like 4 inches long each. How can she run with them? Don’t they cause wind resistence? Why do swimmers put on their caps to reduce resistance, but runners don’t care?

2) Discus. Man, what a non-sport this thing is. These guys look so uninspired. A guy I just watched injured himself. How do you injure yourself throwing a discuss?? He didnt even injure his arm, he injured his leg. What is this?

I once tried to throw a shotput. I picked up the lightest class of shotput and put it to my neck. One and a two and a one two three, UUUGGHGHHHHNNHHH!!! I opened my eyes and saw the shot put about 3 feet in from of me. Now, Im not strong or anything, but those things are HEAVY!

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