Open Position: Web Developer

The CEO of Adchemy just asked me to reach out about an open position for web developer.  Requirements: HTML, CSS, jQuery.  The best situation is onsite (San Mateo, CA), but it’s possible for some remote contract work.

You MUST have a website.  No website; then don’t bother applying.  I am going to view source.  These are deal breakers:

  1. spacer.gif
  2. horrible indentation
  3. <TABLE> that should be <DIV>
  4. Any Dreamweaver tag
  5. Dojo or Prototype or raw JavaScript.  Ok ok, maybe, but jQuery is better than any of these
  6. Bunkness, something craptacular or general lame-itude

Adchemy is a kickass place to work.  I have been thrilled so far, and I am high maintenance.

Just contact me with the link on the right.

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