Slack’s New Logo (YP vs MP)

I hate the be such a Negative Nancy, A Debbie Downer, or A Bummer Brian. However, this new logo really rubs me the wrong way. Not for aesthetic reasons exactly. Let me explain. First look … Continue reading Slack’s New Logo (YP vs MP)

Asus MX34VQ 34″ UQHD Monitor and Scaling

I was using a LG 34UM68-P ultra wide monitor, but I was having some trouble seeing the edges of the screen. They literally were so far away that they turned blurry to my old eyes. … Continue reading Asus MX34VQ 34″ UQHD Monitor and Scaling

2019 Predictions

Generally, I like to write these down so I have a record of predictions made. Here we go, 2019 will see the following occur: (in no order) Trump will not be impeached. There will not … Continue reading 2019 Predictions

Holiday Electronics Reviews 2018

I upgraded many of my electronics this holiday season. It’s only been a few days, but here are my initial reactions. iPad Pro 2018 I use my iPad for games, movies, light email, and reading … Continue reading Holiday Electronics Reviews 2018

Wishes for 2019

Most Important Wish I wish fervently that Rush Bader Ginsberg has a happy and HEALTHY 2019 and 2020. She recently fell and broke some ribs. The x-ray noticed some bad tumors in her lungs. Thank … Continue reading Wishes for 2019

Cognitive Dissonance 2018

Yesterday, congress passed a bill with bipartisan support to reform the justice system to make it more just. Specifically, it changed sentencing guidelines that have led to an 800% increase in prison inmates since 1980. … Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance 2018

Making Things Worse

No one has the intention of making things worse. All designers have positive intent. However, in reality, there are plenty of services that get worse with upgrades. Recently, I have had a few upgrades that … Continue reading Making Things Worse

New WordPress Editor 2018

WordPress has released a new editor. It’s very different than the previous one. This is a little meta, but I am going to review my first impressions of the editor in real time. I will … Continue reading New WordPress Editor 2018

UX Suggestions for Scoop

Scoop is a carpooling/ride-sharing service. Basically, I put in when I want to leave and it matches me up with people who want a ride near my work/home. They pay $6 and I get $5 … Continue reading UX Suggestions for Scoop

Turn your Data into a Story

The essence of data visualizations is to tell a story. There are some great charts like Napoleon’s march to Moscow and Florence Nightingale’s chart on the causes of deaths in the Crimean War. Recently, my … Continue reading Turn your Data into a Story