Cause du Jour

Recovered from – Apr 24, 1997

With every great society and culture what inevitably happens is that some losers declare themselves to be leaders of the masses. The net is no exception to this rule. These leaders try to rally the masses to follow their lead which usually can be summed up with the French saying, “Soup Du Jour!” Well take a look at what the demogogue-no-one-asked-for-their-damn-help-anyway have served up for dinner tonight!

The Support Encryption KEY!

Is this an important issue? Well, I will admit that its not the stupidest issue in the world but I don’t quite think it ranks as Numero Uno. Encryption for Mr. Layman is the technology that allows people to send sensitive information like credit card numbers without fear of someone stealing your numbers mid-flight. (Commonly referred to as Creditcardus Interuptus) So basically this technology is very important to the corporate world. Cor-por-ate. Yes ladiesbugs and gentle-giants, the corporate world is trying to appeal to the masses in a friendly manner to help them make money! That is just SO sweet! I love America!

There is also another side to this:
I think that these net wide rallies for cause de jour kinda cheapens the value of the internet coming together. The web is a fledgling medium trying to congeal its identity notwithstanding the pressure of the demagogues to conform to their view of nettiquette. Using the web as a forum to bring everyone together under one flag will eventually cheapen the bonding experience and deaden the impact of such rallies through repetition. In other words, “That was cool, the first couple thousand times it happened.” Think to yourself, whatever happened to that song you loved so much you listened to it three thousand times and now it makes you sick.

Don’t overplay the net.

This has been an editorialization. Thank you. 🙂


Hardware & Losers

Recovered from – Apr 20, 1997

So whats going on in the hardware world you ask? Good question.

Vendors are coming around to releasing Pentium Pro 200mhtz servers. NT is becoming a real threat to Novell Netware and Sun Solaris on these machines. Intel is releasing a Pentium Pro Lite which basically brings the L2 cache out of the chip onto the board. This decreases production costs and only diminishes system speed slightly. The desktop PC of choice in 6-9 months will be the P6Lite 233mhtz processor. Intel is also starting to rev up their 3D capabilities in all of their chips. Vendors are hoping 3D environments translate to the desktop.

Microsoft is trying to sway the way PC’s are constructed with their new 1394 bus which can be used for various purposes and would replace the PCI architecture. Microsoft was hoping to make a dent in the scsi architecture for hard drives but it seems that the ultra-wide scsi specs are going to be in the high-end workhorses this fall. Ultra wide scsi drives are pretty cheap compared to the total price of even a causal users system. Definitely compare prices. Ultra-wides can give your system a serious kick in the butt.

Question: Which is better a 200 mhtz Pentium Pro or a Pentium (regular) 150mhtz but with a ultra-wide scsi?
Answer: Go with the Ultra.

IBM is planning to release some redhot Aptivas this June. These corporate killers will have a 200 mhtz Pentium Pro and a 8X CDrom and some 3D functionality. Prices will start around 3 grand. Yeah, IBM and every other vendor in the market.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is supposedly going to make a big splash in systems. I haven’t seen one yet. Tap Tap Tap. Things are just too damn slow. I wish I could invent a technology accelerator. Maybe if I added more RAM to the technology it would evolve faster! MORE RAM!

Georgia is the biggest loser state in the union. It passed a bill making it illegal to misrepresent yourself on your own homepage AND made it illegal to send email without properly identifying yourself. Ring Ring. I know this has nothing to do with hardware but this is pathetic. Georgia is just the beginning, expect more losers to be elected to public office in November. Are you a member of the Loser Party? Join now.


1-1-00 Problemo

Recovered from – Apr 18, 1997

Funny and news at the same time.

We all live our lives in cycles. We wake up in the morning, work and play all day and go to sleep at night. We count on that as we experience each minute, day, week, year and century. Umm wait. No strike that last one. We do not count on the centuries. In fact, we totally ignore them.

We are about to enter a new century, in fact a new millennium. The sad part is that we are completely unprepared. It’s funny actually. Listen to this:

For millions of years, no one bothered to write anything down. We hunted and gathered and killed each other for very good reasons. Sometime later the pen and the paper found their way together and conceived the written word. A lovely child. The printing press gave the first mechanical arm to this child. Bibles were printed a plenty. (Good thing illiteracy outnumbered the prints.) This went on with incremental changes until…

The latter half of the twentieth century spawned that demon of demons, that angel of death in sheep’s clothing…Yes, it’s the One, the Only! The Computer!

The computer aided filing, storing, retrieving and manipulating the written word in ways near impossible by hand. Programs were made for prestigious firms tallying every record in every archive for quick and easy access. Each record was kept in files according to date. Quick!, stop reading, what’s your birthday? Mine is 5-22-72.

That’s right. The entire world uses this method of tracking dates. Social Security, The DMV, your insurance carrier, the baby bells, Everyone. We all use the mm-dd-yy system of keeping track of years. And so do all of the computers. Thats the problem.

When the clock strikes 12:01am, January 1, 2000, half the world’s computers will read January 1, 1900. It will take approximately 600 billion dollars world wide to update software to avoid the year 2000 dilemma. The good news is, we have 3.5 years. The bad news is, Corporate America works slow.

So here lies the question? Who to blame for this problem? Do we blame the programmers for sacrificing the future for a slight speed improvement in the dating system? Or the product managers who interfaced with the techie whizkids and forgot to mention that the system might be around for 10-20 years? I prefer to blame the demon itself.

None of this would be happening if not for that Damn Computer!

Internet Explorer Mail / News

Recovered from – Apr 17, 1997 (One of my first design critiques)

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.0 is expected to be released in beta in just two weeks. The much anticipated upgrade to 2.0 will include many features Netscape holds a monopoly over. New functions will include Java support and an integrated email and newsgroup system. I have downloaded standalone samples of the mail/news programs.


Mail for Internet Explorer 3.0
It’s a HUGE improvement over trying to use Exchange to handle regular Internet mail. It has a nice look to it and easy to understand format although I felt that it still misses something. You can not have nested folders for storing email (neither does Netscape) which would make the application more user friendly. The view can be changed but very little else can be customized. I am hoping that the beta and subsequent versions will add some more functionality to the mailer which seems to be little more than a slick looking copy of Netscape’s built-in system. No support for multiple POP addresses or inline links in mail either.

I give it a B- for functionality and an A for improvement over lame-o Exchange.

News for Internet Explorer 3.0
This is the kind of application that makes the Internet more useful! A search engine combs through all the mess of the Usenet and picks out the groups you are looking for. A simple yet powerful interface allows you to pick favorite groups and search for new groups. Customizable window positions adds to its functionality. In addition to the marvelous search engine, this unnamed usenet reader has built in uuencoding/decoding capabilities. I strongly recommend getting this program even to use in conjunction with Netscape. I need to use it more to find some drawbacks.

I give it an A for design and functionality.

In other news:
CompuServe is expected to offer 16 million shares that should bring in as much as $480 million. Shares for the number-two online service are expected to sell between $27 and $30 each.


Image is Everything

Recovered from – Apr 13, 1997

OK Let’s map all this out:

April 2 Lycos $16 $29.25 $21.94 $17
April 4 Excite $17 $21.25 $20 $14.50
April 13 Yahoo! $24.50 $43 $33 $33

So whats the story morning glory? Whats the tale nightengale?

Image. Man, I love Andre Agassi. Image is Everything! Sprite doesn’t know whats its talking about.

Image is whats driving these IPO’s. Oh and Money of course,sillyme.

  • These search engines make their money through advertising.
  • They get advertising because they have an audience.
  • They have an audience because they provide a service.
  • They service they provide is directions.

Millions of hits everyday looking for something and each one sees the 1×4 banner proclaiming the latest and greatest from Internet marketers. These banners can cost tens of thousands of dollars a month for the exposure. A few months back C/Net spent a million bucks making sure that every netizen around saw their little yellow banner. And by golly it worked!

Now the big push is for money. (Moolah, Dinero, Cash, Bread, Gee’s, Greenbacks)Wall Street has offered itself up for this purpose. The IMAGE is that the internet is a gold mine. All a sprouting company has to do is get the word out and start selling shovels. The reason that so many search engines are going public all at once is image and money.

To let a competitor gain several million dollars in capital will spell disaster in the ever annoying trilogy of expeditures. More importantly, to let a company gain public favor in the stock market and possibly steal some name recogniztion would also be a terrible move.

We see the battles of these companies on the net vying for attention and a positive spin. A free browser here, a customizable page there, a great daily news/editorial written by a charmingly naive manhattanite. Its all the same. Trying to get and keep the attention. Because where there is attention, there is money.

NOTE to myself:
get an audience, offer IPO, retire.

Yahoo! IPO

Recovered from – Apr 12, 1997

Yahoo is officially a publically traded company. Today Yahoo is offering 2.6 million shares of stock at $13 per share.

Yahoo was founded in April 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo, who were students at Stanford University’s Electrical Engineering program. In April of last year Yang and Filo left Stanford and to work full-time on Yahoo.

Prediction: Yahoo will reach a high of $35 per share and close at $28. Buy if ya can get em.


Cool Sites (1996)

Recovered from – Apr 11, 1997

I hate cool lists, why am I doing this?
Well, maybe you haven’t seen these ones. TrĂ©s Chic, mon frère!

What do psychos write about? The Unabomber’s Manifesto

Drink Java? Go to Gamelan

Need more caffeine?? Try LED flavored.

Site for women on the Web, and a superhero in her spare time, It’s Cybergrrl!

Golf & Golf – Two sites for the ZENest sport around

Find out if your wannabe domain name is already taken here

If you can look at Carrottop without laughing, I’ll cook dinner.

Hacker? I don’t even know her!

I just read Virtual City, I thought it was cool, what do you think?