AOL upgrade

Originally posted Mar 9, 1996

FINALLY! America Online has announced plans to upgrade their popular proprietary software. The web browser that some consider the worst in existence will support backgrounds, tables, HTML 3.0 , and yes the <CENTER> tag! It gets even more interesting with America Online negotiating with Netscape and Microsoft to possibly license one of their web browsers. Netscape‘s Navigator currently holds 70% of the internet market share making it the favorite in the web browsing arena, but Microsoft just annouced plans for an Internet Explorer 3.0 alpha this week. It will support everything Netscape Navigator 2.0 currently handles plus some more important features Netscape does not have including Visual Basic at the top of the list. These extra features make Microsoft the long term pick for AOL.

The good news is that America Online users will have a greatly enhanced view of the web after all of the wheeling and dealing is over. The bad news is that the actual broswer might not be in the hands of America Online users until late this spring. Better late than never.

MS Internet Explorer 3.0

Originally Posted Mar 8, 1996

Microsoft is going to release (real soon) their Internet Explorer version 3.0 (alpha of course). This version will include java support, Visual Basic support, frames, real audio, inline avi, marquee text, VRML, email, and newsgroups. Its code name should be Netscape killer. When it comes out, do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Netscape.

And for all you business people out there, Microsoft is bundling their internet software with their NT system. It’s Mike Tyson versus Mike Jackson. Where is your money?

Macromedia (a.k.a.’s first post)

Originally Posted Monday, March 4, 1996.

Macromedia announced the long awaited successor to its award winning multimedia program. Director 5.0 will hit the streets at an estimated $900 US. Director 5.0 will be the first upgrade in several years with many badly needed new features. See the copy from Macromedia here.

What does this mean? It means that Macromedia is going to make ALOT of money this year selling its multimedia authoring tool, especially considering its lack of any real competition and its successful Shockwave plugin for Netscape. This new plugin lets HTML jockeys create multimedia right on their web pages without Mr. Java.

Shockwave is free but Director is mondo bucks. Recently TCI’s online venture through cable (@home) licensed Shockwave for their front end. (release) MACR is the stock to buy this year. Long term gain prediction = 100%.