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Phone Lust: Samsung Galaxy Note

My hands are not small.  My pockets are not small.  I want a bigger phone.  I don’t want to hold an iPad up to my head, but I do want a bigger phone.  Here it is:  The Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apparently it will be available in Europe first this weekend.  However, I would like it to be available here in the US, where I live.  (Is that obvious)

It has a mega screen (5.3″) and a ginormous battery (2500 mAh).  Probably a good idea since the screen will suck the life out of the battery.  This thing will make me feel large.  Really large, like a GIANT!  With huge hands and a huge phone!

Yes, this phone has tapped somehow into my emotions.  Isn’t it wonderful when a product can do that?

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  1. Bill Bill

    It’s clunky, does not fit in your pocket easily, and worst of all is not elegant in the least.

    I’ve been spoiled I guess, but I demand elegance in the device and the user experience. As far as I’ve seen there is still only one phone that accomplishes both.

    I’m glad you like it though…

  2. Jessica Travis Jessica Travis

    I am a woman and my hands are not huge, but my fingers are long. I got spoiled by my Dell Streak 5 and any screen that is smaller than 5″ will just not do anymore. I have no problems with fitting it into my purse and it’s size makes it easy to find in there.
    I am not bothered by what other people think when I hold my giant phone to my ear as I am secure in myself to the point that I don’t care what others think anymore. They have no idea about what they are missing out on.
    I am soooooooo looking forward to a higher specced big screen super phone. i just can’t wait for the Samsung Note to come to the US.

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