Picasa Plan Part One

I got little sleep last night.  Right before going to sleep, Katie said, "I think http://pictures.kokopop.com has a bad user experience."  I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't.  She was correct.  It was limited.  And making the albums was a pain in the ass.  Plus their were features I wanted, but couldn't have.

So I did an exhaustive search. Flickr STILL doesn't have sets in sets!! See this complaint about it from last year.  Nothing was "just right".  I stumbled upon a small community who were building templates for Picasa.  I decided to give it a try.  it turns out that I think I can make it work for me.  But there is a lot of work to make it happen.  Ultimately though, when I am finished, I will have a better album which I can update quicker with more meta data. Basically, I am hacking a new template using the HighSlide Javascript

Next steps:

  1. Add jQuery to the HighSlide JS.  This will allow me to bind the onClick function centrally rather than repeating it on every album page.  I also can append the "controls" dynamically after the page loads too.
  2. Fix the HighSlide styles so that the drop shadow and rounded corners appear.
  3. Fix the EXIF info on some older images to fix their dates. (They say 1980, but they are 2001)
  4. Add link to the Original version of the image if possible.  This might be hard.  Need to figure it out.  Need to decide whether the generated album files are in the same folder as the originals.  Katie may need to access the originals without muck in the way.
  5. Work with Katie to add descriptions to some folders.  This also includes image tagging and captions.  I will need to test all the scenarios.
  6. Once, everything in the template is perfect, Export each folder using Picasa.
  7. Upload all the exported folders.
  8. Make an Index page with links to all of the different folders.  Probably will use some jQuery for it.  Default to 2007 open.  Hmm, maybe a page on my blog is the best place for that.  That way, I can avoid using FTP for that file.  I can forward pictures.kokopop.com/index.htm to that page.
  9. Test everything.
  10. Sleep.

This is all going to take a while.  But I am dedicated to the task.  This face is on the case.

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Hi there,

I use Picasa for all my photo storage, and I’d be interested in seeing more of this work (and I use jQuery). Do you have a link to the community working on the Picasa templates?

Whatya think?