I’ve worked on many projects since 1995.  I really should have kept a better log of them.  Some memorable ones:

Koko Interactive (1995-2002 – NYC)
I was co-founder with two partners.  We built the company to 30 people and 5MM in revenue.  It was one of the most exciting periods of my life.  It ended badly with the dot-com boom.  Some memorable moments:

  • Dog’s Eye View – First animation on web (before animated gifs)
  • Grainger – Redo of e-commerce UX.  Increased monthly sales from $20k to $20MM.  We got paid $150k.  (We weren’t that good at sales negotiations)
  • Invented Global/Local Navigation scheme.  (Someone had to do this the first time; it was me.)

This was my first business application. (Built in 1999 at Koko Interactive)  It was ahead of its time (imho) with some great user experience breakthrough’s in it.  Check out the screenshots.

I joined in 2006 as the first employee.  I designed the application from scratch and conceptualized much of the vision.  Marketo has exceeded my wildest expectations.  My efforts here have been some of the most creative and important of my career. Check out the screenshots.

I joined Engagio as the Head of Product and spearheaded their product expansion into workflow and sales information. I also ran point on an acquisition of a marketing attribution product called Dash. See Engagio Screenshots for details about what I designed during my tenure.