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Problem Solving

Last night I was struggling with a problem that refused to budge. I was very confident in the beginning. Of course, Internet Explorer just refused to cooperate and Firefox was just fine. The problem kept going to a for while as a lost confidence. Right before I was about to quit, I sat very still and looked in the one place, I had not looked. I zen’d out for a few minutes, to find my Golden Glow. After a few minutes, I found the answer. I drew a chart of my progress.

Problem Solving Cycle

Does this resonate with others? Is this a common pattern?

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  1. also, what are you using to draw your charts? some suggestions could come in handy in the not to distance future for me.

  2. I used Excel 2007 to get the basic chart. Then I used Snaggit to capture the chart and draw on it (arrows and words).

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