Product Idea: The Tennis Racquet Guitar


Almost everyone with a tennis racquet has pretended it was a guitar.  Tennis companies have pioneered the science of materials when it comes to making racquets incredibly stiff and light.  Guitars have exactly the same requirement. Yet most guitars are made out of wood.

In fact, most electric guitars are kinda heavy and start to strain the shoulder after a long period of time.  (Especially for children)  Tennis racquet manufacturers (Like Prince, Wilson and Babolat) have everything they need to make a strong/light guitar.  Imagine an electric guitar, but half as heavy, thinner, yet just as stable and strong.

There has always been a strong relationship between tennis and music.  I think a guitar by Wilson or Prince could be great.  Imagine a Prince guitar, promoted by Prince.  Imagine a Wilson guitar promoted by Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) or Nancy Wilson (Heart).

It’s a natural win.

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