Remember My Credentials

For anyone who has ever used a Microsoft product, this will seem familiar.  Why can’t Microsoft respect the “Remember My Credentials” checkbox?  They never remember anything!  Why bother with the box making me think it would work and then just ignore my request.

Rather than complain bitterly, I did some googling to try and find the answer.

First step:  Run the following command: control userpasswords2.  This will popup a control panel.  Click on Advanced and then click “Manage Passwords”.  In Windows 7, this brings up the Credential Manager.  Hmm, I am literally blogging while discovering this new easter egg.  

There is a thing called a Windows Vault.  Sounds scary.  I don’t see the site that I am trying to get to remember me.  Let’s try adding it in.


Nice!  Ok, I am stuck..backing out.  That was a “Windows Credential”.  How about a “Generic Credential”.  Ok, that seemed to take without error.  But I am unsure if it actually will work.  This is the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen.  Why can’t the checkbox just work?  Why do I have to go through this non-sense.

Note to self:  When I have a checkbox saying “remember”, it should remember!

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