Rooting for Losing

I have officially given up on the 2007 Jets season.  I want them to lose very single game.  I do not want them to go 8-8.  I would like 1-15.  We are aiming for the number one draft pick next year.  Mostly likely, they should trade that pick down and build up some depth in the team.  I am wathcing Chad Pennington run the offense.  He just looks lack-luster.  Something about his body language makes it look like he has lost his edge.  And certainly, his passes are slow and wounded-duck-like.

The season is a completely fiasco.  We don’t have enough talent and we don’t have the right chemistry.  We need defense!

Ugh.  Maybe I should just take the games off my calendar.  This is embarrassing.  I would rather be playing tennis or writing the book.  Speaking of which, I should do that now.

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