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Science Joke

There is a joke I tell sometimes. An engineer that I know turned it into a t-shirt. It reads alot better in English, but he added standard scientific notation anyway. Now it requires a bunch of work to understand it.

I won’t give it away. Try to get the joke.

mommaYour momma is so μ that she has no σ.

Get it? Google it.

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  1. Christian Christian

    Google just gave me the link to your site. Butt refining the search with “math/stats” helped me 🙂

    • Glen Lipka Glen Lipka

      It’s like a 3 step joke. First translate the symbols, then read it out loud to get the double meaning, then google the math to understand why its funny. It’s an advanced joke for sure.

  2. Ok, here is the answer: Your mama so mean she has no standard deviation!

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